Major Adventure Sport Facilities

The purest expression of the VX concept. Bringing over 20 adventure sports together under one roof and backing this up with innovative design, these VX concepts have been adopted by partners whose aim is to achieve something truly transformational and iconic. 

In designing such facilities, our aim is to bring together a mix of activities that can appeal to the widest possible range of customers and can breakdown any perceived barriers to participation. By that, we mean that the activities need to be accessible and affordable. They need to include activities that can be done as a family and without any previous experience.

And we also of course design in a great experience for those who don't fancy any of the activities. The cafes, restaurants and bars are a great place to relax and watch the action, whilst a wide range of shops provide ample opportunity for retail therapy.

Yes Project
Muscat Aerial View
West Lake Dome01
Vx West Lakes2

Recent designs we have worked on include:

West Lakes Extreme
Middle East Project
The Yes Project

Venture Oman Cross Section
Nottingham Ground Floor
West Lakes Xtreme Presentaiton April 2014  Page 2

These destinations encompass a fantastic range of activities. Most of our designs include a mix of vertical, water, wheeled and kids activities.


Vertical Activities
Water Activities
Wheels And Kids Activities

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