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Venture Xtreme


Hatta, Dubai

Client: Hatta Municipality

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2015 SBJ 9 UAE Hatta 62

The Challenge

To develop an active lifestyles destination, with high class adventure assets, which would appeal to Dubai’s residents and help attract adventure tourists to Dubai.

Our Approach

Building on initial mountain bike trail development work carried out by our senior associate Andy Whittaker we developed an adventure sports strategy for Hatta which made use of its variety of terrain (mountain, wadis and a lake) and brought this to life through strong concept visuals. Innovative ideas included the world’s longest zip coaster and a hub building that spelt out ‘Hatta’ in Arabic when viewed from the air. Taking the destination concept forward we developed a business case and impact assessments.

Project Images

Decorative dots pattern

The Outcome

The strategy was presented to the Hatta municipality leadership and enthusiastically embraced. Following alignment with infrastructure and accommodation planning the Hatta destination masterplan has been delivered progressively over the last few years and the area in now very much Dubai’s premier destination for outdoor and adventurous activities.