Other Adventure Sport Projects

Nottingham Project

Working with a major retail chain, we developed an Adventure Sports Centre concept to sit within a large retail park and designed to complement a diverse lifestyle offering. This design is relatively compact and sits well within both urban and out of town environments. The approach also allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of CAPEX as the activity components can be varied accordingly.

Nottingham Elevations Cropped

Porthcawl Adventure Centre

Working for Simons Developments who were bidding for a large scale mixed use development project in Porthcawl, a seaside resort in South Wales. The proposed project centred around a major new leisure hub. The brief from Bridgend Council hinted at surfing as this was already a popular sport on Porthcawl’s sand beaches. Venture Xtreme Consultancy was brought in to advise on the leisure mix and to design a unique ‘project-winning’ leisure offer. Working with architects Gaunt Francis, Venture Xtreme’s spectacular vision became the focal point for the scheme and a major part of the presentation to the Council. The vision includes a wet and dry area adventure sports hub. The wet area comprises a SurfRider; a snorkelling and scuba pool; a jumping pool and traverse walls above deep water; a lazy river; Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy pools; a tropical island with swim up juice bar and a number of beaches and relaxation zones. In the dry area is a climbing wall; bouldering centre; children’s adventure area and a topical jungle themed high ropes course that traverses out over the pools.

The adventure sports area allowed various sports retailers to be introduced to the scheme, such as Snow and Rock and Quicksilver, both of whom expressed interest. Also a number of different, bars, restaurants and bistros were designed in, that look out over the pools. Steve led the design team and produced a business plan and detailed financial model for the centre.

Surf 17

St Martin Vesubie (France)

VX has been instrumental in the planning, design, fit out and delivery of a new extreme sports centre in a remote sub-alpine village in SW France. It has climbing and bouldering walls, Clip ‘n Climb, caving and the worlds first indoor canyoning adventure.

Indoor Canyoning Adventure

North Wales Adventure Centre

Working with a private land owner we developed the concept for an extreme sports centre and holiday destination in North Wales. The centre aimed to meet the needs of local people as well as national and international visitors and holiday makers. The key activities included surfing, climbing, ice climbing, scuba diving, canyoning and mountain biking which are supported by a small retail and food and beverage offer. We produced the concept outline, a design proposal, detailed business plan and financial model, giving the client sufficient detail in all areas to raise funding and gather political support.

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